Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners joined Insight in 2002 and focuses his work mainly on infrastructure software and internet investments. Before Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners bcecame a Principal at Insight, he worked as an investment banking Analyst with Credit Suisses First Boston's Global Energy and Power Group.

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners is very well educated. He attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia where he received a bachelor of science degree in Economics. He was also a recipient of the Dean's Award for Excellence. It should also be noted that during his time there he was a four year player on the University of Pennsylvania varcity tennis team. After that, Crisses obtained his Master's in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was a member of the Entrepreneurship Club, the Technology and Media Club, and the Wine and Cuisine Society.

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners outside interests include supporting the Make a Wish Foundation, and being the Event Chair for the New York City Police Foundation.

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